15 Jan 11

3 Bare-Bottom Hand Spankings

Three cute newcomers, Carey Brooks, Corrinne Gonzalez and Adrienne Black, second in Spanking Spot’s Best Newcomer Awards 2010, all go over the knee for a sound spanking in this all OTK free gallery from Firm Hand Spanking.

3 bare-bottom hand spankings

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11 Jan 11

Sound OTK Spanking For Galas

Another butt blistering from Bun Beating Fun. This time it’s Galas, an overly cool blond, who ends with a decidedly uncool butt after a butt blistering at the hand of Bun Beating Fun.

sound OTK spanking for Galas

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01 Jan 11

Kisa Belted For Skipping Work

When Kisa’s boyfriend catches her skipping work he bends her over the arm of the sofa and takes his belt to her ass to teach her a lesson. That’s got to hurt! This shot is from a relatively new site, Marked Butts. It’s another ‘reality’ spanking site along the lines of Real Life Spankings. Although new, they already have quite a respectable collection of amateur domestic discipline movies online.

Kisa belted for skipping work

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30 Dec 10

Now Try & Get Away

A pretty effective way of imobilizing a spankee demonstrated here by Firm Hand Spanking. I reckon her butt will soon be the same shade of crimson as her hair.

Now try & get away

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23 Dec 10

Paddled, Strapped & Spanked

Three more blistering ass punishments from Firm Hand Spanking. First off in this week’s offering, a totally nude Adrienne Black is close to tears as she takes 10 paddle swats from Earl Grey for wrecking her car.

paddled, strapped & spanked

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